Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The healing power of art and creativity

Art brings out what is within.
It is a way to communicate, express and heal yourself.

Using artistic methods to treat emotional distress and psychological disorders such as anxiety, stress and depression can promote a calming relaxing effect. It allows you to focus on something else, and with regular practice creativity helps people explore and express their emotions and boosts their self esteem. The objective of creativity is to enable people to explore and discover themselves while developing self awareness as they tap into the creative process. Through the art of creating you can reflect and analyze how you feel therefore manifesting a positive effect on your mental health. Art is a great way to communicate your sentiments in a nonverbal way because it forces you to forge a connection between your mind and your heart.

A variety of art methods or combinations of methods ranging from drawing , painting, coloring, doodling, collage, journaling, sculpture, and fiber arts. Even gardening and cooking are creative endeavors that can benefit people of all ages. Whatever the method, creative activity benefits all ages.

Creative art activities is not about becoming a great artist. It is about discovering yourself and connecting with your emotions. It's about enjoying the journey of self discovery while clearing our emotional obstacles and teaching yourself to communicate with yourself and others. It's about letting yourself go, releasing yourself into the project and you never know where that can lead you!

Please feel free to share your creative activity or activities that you find relaxing and
inspiring with us. And if you don't know one or where to start you've come to the right place.

Next week we will have a special guest. My daughter Jenny Lynn. She has created
her own style of an art journal which she is so kind to share with all of you.

Create on, my friends

Sunday, April 2, 2023

Trust The Brush

I started creating these Positive Guidance Cards around 2019. My goal is to have a 44 deck set. PGC's are a great tool for self reflection and encourages creativity. How you use this card and receive an accurate reading, is to sit quietly and imagine a ray of light emanating from the card as you look and reflect on the images. You can then read the card yourself without my guidance. Notice the symbols and colors and what is happening in the card. You can ask questions of the card for answers. For example: Am I on the right Path? Or What do I need to know today? Or, Am I handling a situation correctly? Then sit back and reflect. You will be surprised, magic happens and you see your answers.
For extra guidance I've provided a written description of what the card is generally saying and you interpret the words yourself.

I've also included guidance words and a creative journaling activity. Which brings you deeper into the meaning.

“Goldfish Bowl”

Are you swimming in circles and feel you have outgrown your current environment?
With an air of positivity It is time to be brave and determined. Keep pushing forward, despite the opposition. No matter how small your bowl may seem. Start to envision what you want to experience. You have so much to offer the world, don’t let your constraints keep your desires contained. If you can imagine it, you can conquer it.

Freedom - perseverance - fun loving - communication - peacefulness - warmth - friendships - calmness

Creative Journal Activity - Using any mediums you like, create a page or a two page spread of what your life would look like if in a different environment. Examples: You live in a subzero place and you are dreaming of sunshine, what would that look like for you? Or you're stuck in a rut ( Fishbowl) at work and you want a different job. Create what that job would look like. Draw or paint it out or use magazine cutouts, stencils, art papers, add words and quotes or free write a paragraph. So many things you can do, but remember to swim free and have fun.

"CREATE ON", my friends


Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Eye of Beauty, Wisdom and Spiritual Growth


This card has been chosen for you to help you understand what phase of spiritual growth you are in. You have a compelling vision and are surrounded by the colors of light and the glory of God. A watchful eye protects you as you defeat your demons and expand your awareness and wisdom of the spiritual realm. Take pride in what you are doing as you transform, gaining higher consciousness, immortality and resurrection. Let your love shine as there is no more of a powerful force than a woman determined to rise.

Sunday, March 19, 2023



For over a year now I have been giving out prints of my paintings in the form of a business card. Each painting that I created was for a set of Positive Guidance Cards, so I thought it would be a good idea to hand them out or have a friend or potential client pick one. Then I would read the card as to what I felt was a positive message for them. The idea was such a big hit that I have been putting the readings on my website. Plus it draws attention to my site and helps promote all the fun creative activities we have done or are about to do.

You ask “What are Positivity Guidance Cards?” PGC cards are in a nutshell are Oracle Cards or Angel Cards. They are not Tarot Cards, Tarot Cards help with reading your future. PGC’s are a tool to lean on for gentle reassurance or inspiration to guide you in a positive direction. Positive Guidance Cards can be used whenever you feel the need to. I like to use them everyday in the morning to get answers, motivation and positivity as I begin my day. It also helps raise my vibration spirituality and mentally. Or, you can use them when you're feeling negative or a little off. It’s also a great tool for self reflection and manifesting the path you are on.

The way to get an accurate reading from your card or cards is by connecting your energy to the card. Focus on yourself and imagine a beam of light energy radiating from the deck or the card. You want the card to feel completely yours and completely connected to you. Then look at the card. Notice the symbols and the colors. What do they say to you? If you’ve had a question in your head, how does the card relate to the answer. Some questions you may have while sending your energy to the card may be,
What do I need to know?
Tell me about my love life.
Am I on the right path in my life?
Am I handling a situation correctly?
Should I take action on a situation?
Or, simply let the card speak for itself.

If you refer to the back of the card and you wish you can go to my website for some help interpreting the card. You're more intuitive than you realize.

Here is an example of one of the cards. I created this painting a couple years ago. The original is on a 24 x 36 inch wood panel. When I begin an intuitive painting I start with a meditation. Meditating is super powerful in connecting to your higher self and higher powers. Intuitive painting is a powerful spiritual practice. It’s basically a practice of meditating with a brush in your hand. You release all judgment as you connect deeper with the spark of spirit and your innate wisdom.

If you have been given this card or picked it out of the deck you are in luck. The rainbow represents a new beginning with much success. “ Make those wishes for them to come true. As there are many doors opening for you.” You have the ability to paint your life in a colorful way. Celebrate your success with childlike abandonment. There is much to be happy about. You will be making many connections that will last your lifetime. And keep those you love close to your heart!
Blessing All

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Getting busy in 2023

 Hi friends

I’m in a year long on line art program called “Paint your Heart and Soul 2023” with Olga Furman. In the 1st lesson we did a deconstruct project called Artistic Freedom with Russel Miyaki
Russell Miyaki is a contemporary artist, creative director and designer in New York city. Born and raised in New Mexico. Went to school in Colorado graduating with honors, and majoring in advertising design and illustration. Throughout his career he has worked for several design studios and advertising agencies winning his share of industry awards and being recognized by American Illustrator as a winner in the AI-AP 40 Showcase. His exhibitions have been in galleries in Paris and throughout the US.
The inspiration behind the art in this course is to marry consumerism and art. By taking everyday consumer products and applying artistic freedom to change it’s appearance. I’m not sure I did what was expected because I had to add something that was a focal point in my style. It was fun playing with paint and layers using a tool to take paint off, writing and scribbling. And some other fun techniques. My substrate for this project was a cereal box.
Here is my final product …

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Creative Art Journaling


The only rule in keeping an art journal is
….There are no rules!

You don’t need a lot of supplies to get you started.
Prepare a space to journal. It doesn't have to be a fancy art studio. Your kitchen table will work just fine. Just a place you can spread out your supplies so you can reach and grab something easily. I recommend a container or bag to hold your journaling supplies. That way when you are ready to journal you can just grab your gathered supplies
and get started.
However you work in your journal and the amount of time you spend journaling is completely up to you. You can do a page a day or every other day Even spend the whole day if you wish. What's important is that you find the time to journal.
So let's get started
Some necessary supplies are:
A purchased journal or sketchbook. Can even be a composition book from the Dollar Store.
Crayons, markers, acrylic paint, colored pencils, watercolor paint, anything to make color.
Pencils or Pens
Of course there are many awesome mixed media supplies and materials available to purchase or you can find things to use right in your own home. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:
Old ticket stubs
Scrap paper
Newspaper Clippings
Old books
Junk mail
Homework papers
The list is endless. And it’s so much fun to gather these things. You’ll be surprised what you come up with.
There are just a few key note things that I would like you to keep in mind and make your journaling experience more enjoyable.
Start with a theme or prompt or create a title
Have something on every page even if it's just a word or scribble
Use lots of color
Thinking of a layout before beginning can help. I usually just wing it and get started
Experiment with letters and fonts
Reflect and write what inspired you to create each page
In creative journaling you have endless possibilities for artistic expression. Consider your journal as a visual diary where your thoughts, feelings, memories and emotions are stored.
You may choose to have a lot of writing or maybe your journal will be filled with just images. Either way consider it a form of self-care as you experience the benefits of art journaling.
I hope this inspires you to start a creative journaling practice.

Carry on and
Keep Creating,